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the therapies on offer, which include Craniosacral therapy, holistic massage and visceral manipulation, where I practise, and postgraduate courses on offer.

Stephanie Fowler is a London-based Tai Chi instructor and complementary therapist, specialising in Craniosacral therapy, massage and Visceral Manipulation.

With over 20 years experience in Tai Chi Chuan, I have been running classes around London since 2002, and have competed at and gained awards at an international level.

In addition to my teaching work, I currently have two clinics where I practise various therapies, work as a tutor at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and run postgraduate workshops through the Blue Turtle collective.

By selecting a link above, you will be able to find information on current classes and therapies on offer, as well as information on my background in Tai Chi and as a therapist.

I also have a resources section, with youtube links of some primary Tai Chi forms I teach, and of my teachers' websites. On the therapy side, I have a couple of pamphlets available free to download on pregnancy, home birth and common childhood complaints and how to manage them.

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