London-based Tai Chi Chuan tuition and complementary therapies


Below is a list of the main therapies currently on offer, with a brief description, plus the current cost of a treatment.

Treatments are individually worked out depending on your situation, and can incorporate a mixture of therapies to best address your needs.

is a gentle hands-on therapy, with the therapist aiming to listen to and respond to your body's unique patterns and demands. As such, it is your body that determines the pace and exact nature of the work.
While it is based on osteopathic concepts developed nearly 100 years ago, it is an extremely gentle hands-on approach working more with the fluids, soft tissues and fascia. It can also be a profoundly relaxing experience.
It has been used on people of all ages, including the elderly and newborn babies. For more information, please refer to the website for the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK. .

facilitates normal mobility, tone and motion of the internal organs and their connective tissues. By applying specific gentle pressure, the functioning of the organ being treated is improved, as well as freeing up its related musculoskeletal connections, its related systems, and enhancing general metabolism.
This therapy can be particularly useful for people who have had abdominal surgery, as it can help free up adhesions which often form after operations, or for those with digestive complaints or recurring pain, postural distortions and biomechanical dysfunction. It was developed by French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral, and more information can be found at his website here.

eases out muscular tension and other soft-tissue problems using a combination of techniques based on Swedish massage. Oil is applied to the skin, with variable pressure used to relax, improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, as well as ease out aches and pains. It can work very well in combination with Craniosacral Therapy to release tension and enable rebalancing within the body and tissues.

ADULTS: Prices start from £25 for a half hour session, and £45 for an hour at my London N7 clinic, with the other clinics costing £55 for an hour. It is recommended that clients book in for an hour session at the beginning to give enough time for a full case history. Concessions are available, please ask for details.
Home visits are also available, with the cost starting from £60 for one person (depending on location and travel time), with additional adults charged £50.
Discounts are available if booking for a course of treatments. Please ask for details.

BABIES: Slightly shorter sessions typically work better for babies and young children, with a session varying between half to three-quarters of an hour, depending on how the child responds, with each session costing £30.
It is best to allow an hour, especially for the first session when a full case history will be taken.
If you are coming to the clinic, then it can help to bring some of your child's favourite toys or books to play with.
For young babies, often home visits are more convenient and comfortable for both mother and baby. Prices start from £30, although this will depend on location and travel time. Additional children or babies are charged at £30.